Alcohol Awareness & Harm Reduction


Our Vision at Revaluate is a society in which everyone has access to knowledge about the potential Physical, Psychological and Societal harm caused by alcohol and where no one is embarrassed, ashamed or in fear of seeking support for alcohol related problems


We Aim to Empower individuals and groups with knowledge around the biological, psychological & social implications of using alcohol within the home, the workplace and the wider community. We facilitate open discussions to challenge stereotypes, reduce stigma, encourage safer drinking patterns and support abstinence based recovery for those made vulnerable through alcohol dependency & addiction


Issues that concern us at Revaluate


The rising cost of alcohol misuse on the NHS and the scale of  the problem in communities


Alcohol related loss to the UK economy from reduced productivity, absenteeism and accidents at work


Alcohol related sickness’ resulting in the inability to work and premature death


Vulnerable groups in the community at risk of developing alcohol-related problems under-represented in treatment


Services we provide

  • Alcohol awareness workshops
  • Harm reduction advice
  • Workplace Alcohol policy training
  • Identification and Brief Advice [IBA] training 
  • Signposting to Alcohol services
  • Link to Mutual Aid groups and networks


Current Projects



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