Alcohol and Older People


A new study funded by Age UK reports; many older people  have a blasé attitude towards their alcohol intake and often questioned health professionals who advised them to cut down


However, the drinking habits of older people can have a bigger impact on their lives than those of younger people who drink heavily:

There were over half a million alcohol-related admissions of those 65 and over in 2010, more than double the number in 2002

Heavy drinking among the over 65 age group is linked with depression, anxiety and long-term health problems

Metabolism slows down with ageing and many older people are more likely to be taking prescribed medicines that can adversely interact with alcohol


We provide:


Alcohol education and harm reduction advice for older people in:


  • Day centers/community centers
  • Social groups
  • Supported housing


Alcohol awareness training & workshops for:


  • Carers/support services
  • Professionals/housing officers
  • Anyone supporting older people in the community


Plus: for carers and support services: Identification and Brief Advice [IBA] training


  • Using the Fast Alcohol Screening Tool [FAST]
  • Identify a real or potential alcohol problem and advise individuals how to do something about it


Workshops/awareness sessions include:


  • Recommended limits for older people/potential harm of misuse
  • Identify if alcohol is a problem/using self-assessment tools
  • Harm reduction techniques /includes take home resources
  • Signposting to support – GP, AA, SMART, Alcohol services